San Antonio Lightning Volleyball

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San Antonio Lightning Coaching Staff

17's Regional

Head Coach: Ruby McNeely

Assistant Coach: Sean Salais

16's National

Head Coach: Susan Domine

Assistant Coach: Jasmyne Brown

151's Regional

Head Coach: Floyd Love

Assistant Coach: Sean Salais

152's Regional

Head Coach: Destinee Richie

Assistant Coach: Leonel Maltos

14's Regional

Head Coach: Leonel Maltos

13's Regional

Head Coach: Alyson Zeamer

Alyson Zeamer graduated from Nimitz High School in Houston Texas, where she played volleyball, basketball and softball. She began playing volleyball at 12, and played for two years with Club Texas her junior and senior year of high school, where she trained as a middle blocker and right side. Over the next 15 years, she continued to play women’s and coed competitive indoor volleyball often as the captain of her team, while living in College Station earning her BS degree, in Atlanta earning her PhD, and then in Philadelphia. She moved to San Antonio in 2011, where she now regularly competes in the advanced women’s division. Alyson has worked individually with athletes ranging from 9-14 in both volleyball and basketball, and is excited to put her training and experience to use in coaching the 13’s regional team this year.

Assistant Coach: Teigan Wells

12's Local

Head Coach: Brenda Crable

Assistant Coach: Terri Rodriguez

Assistant Coach: Hannah Westover