San Antonio Lightning Volleyball


18's Regional Team


Tentative Schedule

December 9                                        FSC Pre-Season Roundup SA
January 7                                            Sunday Fun #1 SA
January 13-15                                     Tour of TX Qualifier SA This will be either Sat/Sun or Sun/Mon tourney. Only 2 days.
January 27                                          Eclipse #1 Austin
February 3-4                                      Tour Stop #2  Dallas Only if they qualify for tour in January tourney.
February 10-11                                   LS Regionals 18's Round Rock 
February 25                                        Sunday Fun Finals SA
March 3-4                                           Tour Finals Houston Only if they qualify for tour in January tourney.        
March 17-18                                        Crosscourt Houston
March 23-25                                        LSC 18's Houston-Qualifier

* Please note schedule is tentative and could change as the season progresses