San Antonio Lightning Volleyball  

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In case any of you are concerned about sanitizing procedures for the gym where we will hold ON FIRE SUMMER LEAGUE, when asked about their sanitizing/disinfecting procedures the gym director said "We use a 'state of the art' disinfecting system called Razor Microbial Disinfecting. It kills germs and viruses for a month after application with a fogger type sprayer. Not a lot of places use this system. It's what we use at our Urban Air activity parks to make them germ free also".
SA Lightning will take temperatures of our staff before each league and could possibly take all players and parent's temperatures also before they can enter the gym depending on where we are with the virus at the time of summer league's start on June 15.  We will stay up to date with our city's Covid 19 guidelines and will implement what is suggested by Mayor Nirenberg.

We will also sanitize the balls, benches, flags, and as many chairs as open up between matches. We will space the chairs so they aren't shoulder to shoulder, have sanitizer readily available, etc.

We will do whatever we can to make sure our participants, spectators and staff are safe.