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It is time! Download the registration form. Payments can be made at the tryout site, cash or credit card only.


Online Registration and Payment for Tryouts

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A non-refundable financial payment of $550 is due upon selection and acceptance of position on team. WAIVER/RELEASE (Please read carefully) In consideration of the acceptance of my entry form for these volleyball try-outs, I intend to be legally bound, not only for myself but also for my representatives, heirs, executors and administrators. IN SIGNING THIS WAIVER/RELEASE FROM LIABILITY, I WAIVE AND RELEASE EVERYONE CONNECTED WITH THESE TRY-OUTS FROM ANY AND ALL LEGAL LIABILITY WHICH MAY ARISE FROM THESE TRY-OUTS HELD AT ST. GEORGE MARONITE CATHOLIC CHURCH FACILITY. I ALSO SPECIFICALLY RELEASE SAN ANTONIO LIGHTNING VOLLEYBALL CLUB, ST. GEORGE MARONITE CATHOLIC CHURCH FACILITY, THEIR STAFF, EMPLOYEES, CONTRACTORS, AND SUBCONTRACTORS FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY. I agree to pay the attorney fees and litigation expenses incurred by any person, real or corporate, whom I may sue in an effort to challenge this Waiver/Release. I understand that my agreement to pay attorney fees and litigation expenses is the sine qua non for the acceptance of my entry form for these try-outs.